Sunday, 8 April 2018

Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening - Part 1

People asked for examples, so... 

Examples of awakened latent abilities

Below are a few concrete examples of latent abilities that myself and friends/acquaintances have awakened.

Although these abilities may seem very appealing to have, do remember that they are someone else's abilities - what's beginning to emerge in you is likely to be unique to you, and will not seem magical or 'superhuman', because you can just do it.  It is very important to understand that your own latent abilities will awaken naturally in their own time, provided you continue to nurture your Spiritual Awakening.

A couple of good examples come from my memories of my Buqi training with Dr Shen.  The first happened when I had been learning my first Buqi treatment technique - a 'non-touch' hand technique.  Before the cohort could try it out on each other, we needed to practice giving the treatment to an imaginary person (using an empty chair).  I had found a stray football and thought it would be fun to practice giving the treatment to the ball by placing it onto my empty chair.  While doing this exercise, Dr Shen came behind me and told me that I needed to 'do it this way' to make the ball move.  I saw his hand come around to my side, about 1 metre away from the ball, and the ball flew across the hall as if it had been kicked.  (This is often referred to as 'Empty Force').

Later that afternoon, the cohort went into groups of three, and we had a go at treating one another with the technique we had been learning.  One of the ladies in my group was very sensitive, and every time I treated her, she fell off the chair.  I tried to do it as 'softly' as I could, but she still kept falling off the chair.  While I was struggling with this, Dr Shen came over and told me off for sending out too much Empty Force, and he said that I needed to learn to be more gentle.  I was confused because as far as I could tell, I was not actually doing anything.  Or at least, I wasn't doing anything different (in terms of internal subtle body 'movement') than what I did in everyday life.  The only difference between the treatment technique and what I did in everyday life, was the physical posture, shape, and movements I was making.

I discovered another awakened ability towards the latter stages of my Buqi training, while I was doing case studies with volunteer clients.  One of the volunteer clients I worked with lives many miles away from me.  The client was suffering from osteoporosis and several of her vertebrae were fused.  I did a treatment, and shortly afterwards, her fused vertebrae separated cleanly.

There are many more examples, but thinking about these things can inhibit or even block your Spiritual Awakening, so I won't dwell.  When your Awakening gets blocked, it can lead to crises.  I will discuss these in the next post...