Friday, 8 June 2018

Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening - Part 2

So, what about those crises then?

The Subtle Body

The term 'Subtle Body' refers to the system of channels and meridians that we know from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Tibetan Medicine.  You can think of it as a network of information super-highways, that convey various forms of information between the various sub-systems of the Physical Body (amongst other places).  For most people in Western society, the Subtle Body remains undeveloped, and through poor or incorrect posture and motion, the channels and meridians can become obstructed, preventing the information from flowing properly.

When you nurture your Spiritual Awakening with the exercises and techniques of the 'Buqi System', you begin to free-up the various obstructions, and information begins to flow again.

Emotional information is a very significant type of information that flows through the Subtle Body, and is often (unconsciously) deliberately blocked, because a natural expression of a whole range of emotions is stigmatised within our society (anger - frustration - fear - sadness - etc).  We tend to 'contain' pent-up emotion as tension around the chest cavity, and when we do certain exercises to release this tension, we release the stored-up old emotional information, and the natural flow of emotional information is gradually restored.

Blocks to your Spiritual Awakening

The impulse to spiritually 'wake-up' is another form of information that comes from the spirit and flows through the Subtle Body.  For a number of reasons, we can block this awakening process, in the same way that we tend to block the flow of emotional information.  This blocking or pausing of the Awakening process seems to be the catalyst for major problems in our lives.

When you go through a Spiritual Awakening, and you become more connected with your spirit, you can experience changes in yourself that contradict your whole belief system.  This can happen if you have been raised within a particular culture that either opposes your newly discovered core values and purpose in life, or that denies the existence of the latent abilities that you are beginning to experience.  Blocking the Awakening process would then be a natural response.

If you are fortunate enough (as was I) to have a belief system that was ready for the change, it still may be an issue for any influential people within your social circles.  People can often feel afraid, and they may overtly resist it through mockery, denigration, etc, depending on your relationship with them.  

For me, the woman I had chosen to share my life with (from a very early age), was openly dismissive of 'spirituality'.  As I began to re-open my connection with my spirit, it became apparent that I had to make big changes to my lifestyle in quite a public way, and this didn't sit well with her.  A very painful split was inevitable - a big change that I was afraid of making.

A few of my friends also had difficulty getting their heads around the changes they saw in me, because, well, it hasn't happened to them, so how could they possibly know?  The  same may happen to you and your social circle.  If you love these people, you will need to learn how to diplomatically skirt around potential misunderstandings.  In the worst case, you may have to distance yourself or cut ties completely.

Each of these things are likely to cause you to hesitate (as did I), or choose to resist the changes.


A useful way of viewing a crisis is as a radical change.  Although the crises (ie changes) that can occur during a Spiritual Awakening process can be really tough, it is the block to these changes that seem to be linked to major (often life-threatening) problems.  Typically, these 'problems' might be addictions, life-limiting behaviours/choices (eg having affairs, getting into fights, shop-lifting, anything where you are unconsciously craving to get 'caught out').  You may have heard this referred to as 'self-sabotage'.

If any of the above is 'happening to you', perhaps it is time to stop resisting the change that your spirit is craving.


    When crises hit, and the ride gets bumpy, you need rock solid support.  I mainly found this in my spiritual teachers (primarily Dr Shen), and the community they connected me with.  Without these people, I would have been lost at sea.

    If you are unconsciously resisting the wake-up call, I hope that you notice it soon, and that you begin searching for the right person to help steer you through your Spiritual Awakening.