Thursday, 27 July 2017

Supporting Your Passion

Your Passion

Perhaps one of the most important things in life is to be passionate about something, as it brings meaning to our lives.  And you may have already guessed that one of my passions in life is 'Tai Chi' (or rather: Taiji 37, Taijiwuxigong, Wuxi Meditation, and Buqi).

But for many diligent Tai Chi practitioners this isn't the case.  They practice the art, not just through the sheer joy of it, but because it supports them in the pursuit of their passions in life.

In my own experience, these passions range from singing, playing musical instruments, and public speaking, through to sporting activities such as Golf, Surfing, Rugby, and even other martial arts like Karate.


To understand how Tai Chi can support these wide ranging pursuits, we need to consider the benefits that these systems provide - see last week's blog post).

For sports activities like Golf, for example, the precise control and engagement of the core, orchestrated with the upper and lower limbs that is achieved through practicing Tai Chi, can bring a whole new dimension to your game.

On the other hand, for musical instruments, the depth of rapport between mind and body, and self-awareness, developed through Tai Chi, can facilitate and enhance a feeling of 'oneness', a deep connection between self and instrument.

I wonder how Tai Chi could take your pursuit of your passions to the next level?

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